There is adversity in the world. We all know it. Sometimes we greet it into our lives and other times it comes when we least expect it. Out of all the things you can count on, adversity showing up is definitely one of them.

When you think of adversity, what does it look like to you?… I mean, that can be a literal or figurative question. For me (on a very personal note), adversity looks like the divisive stance that seems to pop up within my family. Not between my husband and I, but the extended family (parents and brothers, etc.). There is always something that happens in the family that makes me want to pull the covers over my head and just start again tomorrow. But I digress…

I thought of Tiger [Woods] and couldn’t help but think of his recent adversarial experience. Obviously, with having a champion’s hunger, he expects to win each time he steps onto the greens. Well, someone else had other plans. During the PGA Championship, Y.E. Yang stunned the world (and Tiger!) by defeating Tiger and leaving him without a major title for the year. As the first Asian-born player to gain a major title, Yang walked away the champion of a game in which Tiger had every intention to win.

You know that sucked for Tiger, right? Yeah, I know, he’s won before so give someone else a chance… but imagine losing in something you thought you had in the bag AND in an event that never evaded you in this fashion. Tiger gave Yang his props and kept it moving. That’s the key (Put it in action this week!)… Adversity will come, but keep it moving!


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