You didn’t know that about me, did you? But yep, I have my very own caddy… There are a whirlwind of recent stories that I intend to comment on, but I thought I’d be a little light going into the weekend.

I was watching Sports Center earlier this week and a story came up about Tiger Woods and his caddy, Steve Williams. Moreover, it was a story of the relationship that evolves between two people on the path toward the same goal. From the story, I gained a new respect of a caddy’s role and the increased bond that stands in the gap. It also made me think of my own caddy, my mom…

It sounds all mushy and all, but man, “Mama D” (which Hubby affectionately named her years ago and now everyone calls her) has been that point of trust for many years… And I guess (well, I know), before the times when I could appreciate her efforts and sacrifice. She has, in a grand way, been the catalyst that has seen me through so much. Mama D has always advised me (and still does) with my best interest in mind and even when I fall to my less than better judgement, she remains calm and firm and loving, all at the same time.

And now, in my adult years she’s still definitely right there to the side, whispering to me the right move to make from her vantage point. And although it’s completely up to me to ultimately choose the proper route, it’s good to know there’s a voice right over my shoulder that has my best interest at heart. So, when I watch Williams behind Tiger, or just to the side, I will make that mental note of just how Mom is always there.

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