We all know about the 60s and 70s (and some will say even today), right?… Those were the times of terrific racial tension and horrifying actions to match. Well, during those times a Major League Baseball player, Curt Flood, made—what some would say—a positive and courageous move for the liberation of all baseball players.

The “move” was being part of a lawsuit that would give players playing freedom (free agency) to play for other teams versus what they were accustomed to (reserve clause), being bound to their teams.

It is important to note that Flood was an African American and during that time had a great deal to lose (which he did) by just speaking out. The point is that today, years after his death, it appears that he’s no closer to being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame than he was then.

I explained in an earlier post just what the Hall requires for induction and Flood seems to fit. He has been noted throughout history as a great player and, I would think that his fight for the rights and justice of all players (of all races and backgrounds) would be acknowledged today as something of some significance.

Above all, I think we should always give respect and honor (his propers!) to those who made it possible for others to benefit from the freedoms they had to fight, suffer, sacrifice, and die for… For me, it’s as simple as that. He didn’t just fight for Blacks or Whites, but everyone. Honor him…

Thanks “Kid” for the heads up on this…

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