This isn’t a professional sports’ story, but one of relevance none the less… What do you make of this?

High school, death, a coach possibly going to jail…

As I understand it, a 15-year-old lineman, Maxwell Gilpin, collapsed on a high school practice football field from a heat stroke and later died. Gilpin’s body temperature reached 107 degrees. David Stinson, the Pleasure Ridge Park coach with a reckless homicide charge, may be on his way to jail for alleged not giving students water on this day where temperatures reached 94 degrees. If convicted, the coach could face 5 years behind bars.

I wish I could get all the facts because there has been so much lost already. I know of many young people who find themselves in back-breaking practices and only want to appease their coaches to ensure playing time and personal growth. Well, then you ask a kid how they’re feeling and they say they’re fine. There are so many questions… Where were the other coaches? Is this normal? Where were the parents? A boy’s life is gone and for what (This isn’t a sarcastic or rhetorical question.)? It definitely stirs questions and emotions. What is the future impact?

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