So Elijah Dukes, outfielder for the Washington Nationals, was fined by his team… Guess why (come on, come on, guess)? He was five minutes late because he was speaking at a Virginia Little League gathering. Wow, right? It wasn’t because he had a late lunch or because he overslept or even because he got stuck in traffic. A professional baseball player was speaking to potential professional baseball players about the game… Amazing!

Elijah Dukes

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So the parents of the Little Leaguers decided to pay the $500 fine and even offered an extra dollar for administrative costs. There are so many directions I could take this in, but I’ll just stop here with this…  The priority of some of professional sports organizations is still surprizingly disappointing with all more serious issues going on within sports today.

Little leaguers yall, little leaguers yall…

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