Okay, one of the best linebackers in the NFL, Ray Lewis, is at a crossroads. He’s a free agent (he can stay with his team or go to another team) and his current team, the Baltimore Ravens, have to decide if they can keep him.

The thing is, for football and at the tough position that he plays, Ray is almost at the end of his career. But, the other side is that he is still great and gives 110 percent every time his foot touches the turf. The third side (Yes, you know every story has three sides.) is that teams have salary caps and they have to decide how their money would be best utilized… A.K.A. Ray wants what the team may not be able to give him (dolla dolla bill y’all!!).

Ray Lewis

Photo By Truello

I’m having a hard time with this because I think the Ravens should keep Ray, but I also think he deserves to get paid. He’s not asking for anything that any other player wouldn’t ask for. He’s been with the Ravens since the beginning and has helped to put them on the map as one of the greatest defensive teams ever. How could you not accommodate him for all he’s done for the team and the city of Baltimore?

So, what do you do when you’re at a crossroads? Of course you weigh the pros and cons, but what is your innate reaction to being at a crossroads? My reaction is one of a fighter… I fight to survive, to achieve, to get what I want. That way, I know I’ve given my all when it’s all said and done. You?

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