Athletes all over the place are discussing the history that we all witnessed… (K, if you were sick or under a rock or something else, this guy was elected president of U.S. of America!… Just joking. Don’t be so sensitive.) and I’m just curious about something.

As public figures-which athletes are-journalists asked them of their thoughts surrounding this enormous occasion (uh, just about the biggest event ever…), but do you think they really express their true feelings?

For instance, radio personalities represent a small population of those who can express facts and their opinions, regardless of any impending scrutiny. They’ll say “I think he sucks” or “I think he’s the best” and then break for commercial. But, can a very public figure like Kobe (You know I had to go with him!) or a very beloved figure in the person of Brett Favre say “He sucks” and get away with it?

Everyone should have the right to be true about what they have going on up there in that thought realm, but instead I feel like (just like the new President and First Lady) some may fall into the bucket of being a symbol and from that perspective, aren’t able to be true at all.


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