My boy, Terrel Owens “T.O.” (not really, but it seemed like a good opener), has been under so much scrutiny about his antics off the field surrounded around him and his teammates. Apparently, T.O., in my opinion, the best receiver (A receiver is the guy who catches the ball and then runs towards the end zone.) in the National Football League (whatever… that’s why its called ‘my opinion’), is becoming more and more of a distraction to his team, the Dallas Cowboys.

I have my thoughts about this in that a lot of players are distractions to their teams, not just T.O… I believe when you mix an enormous salary with fame and accessibility, without established consequences for contrary behavior, you’re going to see lots of distractions in action.

Well, T.O., self-proclaimed “sexy devil”, was said to have accused his quarterback (coach on the field) of not throwing as many balls his way as those thrown to another player. For me, it’s just hilarious that this story is getting so much play (I guess I’m adding to this story getting play, huh?… LOL! Don’t judge me!). I have a more black and white approach… My mother always says it takes two people to argue, which implies that if its only one person arguing, they’ll soon quiet up. If T.O. is such a distraction, ignore what you can’t change… he’s in a contract and he’s a superstar athlete, who makes outstanding plays.

… This goes for you, too. Ignore what you can’t change. All the effort put into something you have no control over is maddening and very close to insanity. Instead, keep a positive outlook (fake it ‘til you make it), hope for better times, and keep it moving… You can only control yourself. I think that’s worth whispering to your significant other…

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