I was watching ESPN today and was amazed that the historic election of the first African-American president (elect) even reached the wide world of sports.

Now, apart from Barack Obama’s love for basketball and his desire to see the college football rankings done differently (The rankings process has been under great scrutiny.), I was shocked that he had  become a serious part of sports media analysis. I really didn’t think this event would have received much air time on the sport shows… but, indeed, this news brought out the best of the best in professional sports…

Kobe Bryant, who openly voted for Obama, expressed how this time in history shows young people that they can do anything and that “thing” doesn’t have to be sports’ focused. Michael Irvin, National Football League Hall of Famer, discussed the pride he felt about this moment in time and how far his people had come. Athletes and sports’ analysts alike were divulging what the election of the 44th president meant to them.

While I sat there watching all the sports’ news of the day, I was glad to have been part of this historically moment.

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