I just have to get right to it… Golfer, J.P. Hayes, disqualified himself during a PGA qualifying tournament in Texas (Yes!… you have to read this!).

Hayes was playing for a full-time spot on the PGA Tour and discovered that on two shots he had mistakenly (unknowingly I might add) used a ball that wasn’t approved for competition by the USGA (You, too? I didn’t know you had to have a certain type of ball… learn something new, huh?). He says he believes anyone in this sport (golf, of course) would have done the same thing.

The consequence: Because of this disqualification, Hayes is ineligible to play full time on the Tour in 2009.

Uh, just one question (Maybe not just one because I am pleasantly surprised and totally taken aback [both] at the same time!)… In what other sport would this had happened? I can think of so many examples where trying not to get caught by referees is part of the game, so??…

Note to self… Do not eat that one grape at the market when, you know, you’re checking to see if the grapes are sweet or not. Hilarious!


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