If you haven’t heard, the Saint Louis Rams finally won their first game for the 2008 NFL season (Finally is an understatement!). They weren’t expected to play this poorly, but for some reason that didn’t stop the “L”s from piling up. Fans were disgruntled, players appeared to be weary, and management was scratching their collective heads. There was no apparent rhyme or reason for this mystifying losing streak.

I tell you, when it rains it pours right (Well, that’s what the girl on the salt box seem to think!)? That’s what I thought after this win… The Rams were scrutinized and thrown out to the dogs-with good cause, I’m sure… People expect these guys to win. But, with all the media attention and all the naysayers, the team kept that faith in one another. Of course, that was a life lesson for me.

It’s clear that no matter where you are in life everyone’s not going to be pleased with your success. And, don’t make a mistake or two… You’ll never recover (Whatever…). The important thing is that you have a core of people (A team… Yay Team!!) who will be there and who will believe in you during your up and down times. It’s imperative to have this support, otherwise, you’ll fall victim to what’s being said about you… And no one needs any more victims (Smile!)!!

Go Rams!… Hey, you will find that DC over at Green Apples & Kool Aid has said all this in a few words… (Well, maybe not this exactly, but it’s close enough.).

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