So, the question was asked on a sports’ show whether the New Orleans Saints loss the Monday night game or whether the Minnesota Vikings won the game (The question only makes sense if you watched the game, but no worries, the relevance is coming.). I was really stunned by the outcome of the game (Yes. I thought my pick of the Saints was a shoe in! Not so much.) because the Saints were so close to winning. Who knew the Vikings would come back in the last minutes of the game to silence the fans and walk away with a “W”?…

Was there ever a time when you felt like you put so much into something, just to walk away with a loss (Note to reader: This is a good question to pose to your significant other, of course referencing the Saints’ loss… I’m telling you, it’s good stuff!)? It’s when these times roll around that you just want to pull the sheets back over your head and roll over. Well, here’s the relevancy (A short one today folks…)… football players have a way of dealing with these types of occurrences (No, not introducing the quarterback to the ground the next time they play… Heehee!) so that they aren’t haunted by them. They have a short memory. Yep! That’s it… They walk off the field, learn from the mistakes, and begin preparing for the upcoming opponent.

We should all practice just having a short memory… We won’t win ‘em all (And, that’s okay!). We show up, we learn, and we continue to prepare. This is how I like to say it, “Keep it moving”! Let’s say it together, Keep-It-Moving!

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