You know, one very real reason why I love sports is because so much of it parallels real-life situations. And, within sports, you are most certain to find your story.

All day I was lamenting (Well, that’s a bit extra, but we’ll stick with it.) over the fact that the Chicago Cubs had been eliminated from the playoffs. Yet again, the Cubbies just couldn’t pull through. They couldn’t break the century-long drought of just not making it to the World Series (Hey, Troy over at Troy’s Thoughts on Sports has a, let’s say, “different” view of the Cubs’ blues in Knocking Down Chi-Town, but a great view all the same…). I took in all the commentators’ analysis and I was struck by a common saying, a common thread if you will… Wait ‘Til Next Year

Although I know the players and the die-hard fans are foaming at the mouth over the phrase, I thought of how much that phrase has resounded in my own life of falling just a bit short-whether big or small-of that particular goal. Seriously, it may sound funny (in a sad way!), but I thought of when my dad was late picking me up so I could make it in time for my high-school senior ski trip and how miserable I was all weekend… thinking, “maybe next year”. But, there wasn’t a “next year” (Yes. I’m over it now… Let’s just not stay on the topic too long!). So many memories sprung up within me as I pondered on hopes deferred and dreams delayed. What I also realized was that patience was indeed working itself out within me and that I needed to allow it to happen.

Self analyzing is always the truest way of getting to know the real you… good and bad. And like with this process, the Cubs (in a real way) will need to do the same in order to figure out just what the deal is… You never know, Cubbies… next year!

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