K, so I was at lunch today with a couple of my girlfriends and they (of course) gave their opinions on how I could make my blog better… (I mean, hand gestures and all… I had to bring out the paper and pen to keep up! LOL!). I must say, what they’ve suggested makes tons of sense and would, ultimately, make things better for you, the reader.

I just thought it was comical that “the girlfriends” were totally confident about what I needed (Hilarious!). And, you know girlfriends (whether they’re really your significant other girlfriend or your pal) won’t pull any punches. So, I stand grateful to my friends for their recommendations (And, yes girls, I will take heed and add the suggestions!)… Friends, how many of us have them??

So, since the door has been opened for suggestions, what’s yours? What do you think could be done or added to make my blog better? You might want to ask your friends what they think about your site as well (Hey, I shouldn’t have to go through this alone. LOL!).

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