So we know about the Hispanic culture in MLB, Football, Soccer, and other renowned popular sports (Wait for it… Wait for it…). But, I’m sure you weren’t aware of a certain pastime that is all the craze in Acapulco, Mexico (No, not bullfighting.). Today, Hubby and I and the in-laws ventured to the ends of the cliffs (I’m building excitement here.), yes the ends–to see what all the hype was about… it was diving going on (No, not the type of diving that occurs in the Olympic-sized pool.)! Yep! Men risking their lives in the sporting event of jumping off cliffs. We had to capture it because we knew no one would believe us when we said, “Men dived off of uneven cliffs into raging ocean waters.”

Mom-in-law and I couldn’t resist getting a photo with the diving celebs.

Warning: Hubby’s camera is older, but shows the action from beginning to end… so please excuse the poor quality.


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