So, the New York Yankees didn’t make it to the playoffs (Wow, uh!) and there has been quite a lot of dialogue about the ends and outs of this team… You know, how they’re like the highest paid team ever or how the celebrity list of the team just goes on and on. My blogging counterpart over at That’s What I Think has a good grasp on the Yankees state of being with the Let’s Talk a Bit About the Yankees post… be sure to visit when you get a chance.

With all this Yankees talk, I was thinking about a profession that has also been in the news, but on the other spectrum of celebrity and income. It’s a profession that some consider to be most important and without it a lot of us would be loss (Any takers?)… Yep! I’m sure you guessed it! Teachers!

They give the most and for some reason aren’t rewarded with a reasonable salary… I wonder what the world would be like without them… those who care and spend time before and after school to make sure students get what they need.

So, I give a big “shout out” to teachers for all they install and sacrifice…

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