Greetings from Acapulco, Mexico! Hubby and I invited ourselves on my in-laws trip (Thanks, Dad and Mom! Heehee!) and we’re having a blast!… What a beautiful country this is. And, with all of its beauty and culture I got to thinking (Uh, of course. I have to remind myself that I’m still blogging on vacation.) about the Hispanic culture and their role in sports.

And, it just so happened that this month is Hispanic Heritage Month (You learn something new everyday, huh? Okay, well it’s not exactly Mexico-specific, but you get the picture.)…

Anyway… there are a lot of Hispanics who play in the Major Leagues (baseball). And, like any other culture, there are those who came before and paved the way for the ones who benefit today. For this, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate Roberto Clemente and Hiram Bithorn. The former has been established as a pioneer, while the latter isn’t as celebrated-but is just as much a pioneer.

Now some will argue the technicalities of these guys nationality (Please don’t… I’m sensitive. Okay, I’m really not, but I am on vacation!!), but I am just here to bring honor and kudos to those who made it easier for different cultures to be great and lucrative (Let’s not forget “lucrativity”! I really had to make this word up here!]) in the world of professional sports.

Okay, I’m going back to vacation mode… ESPNdeportes Rock!

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