Well, it appears that the Green Bay Packers’ choice to go with quarterback Aaron Rodgers has paid off. The whole world stopped (Okay, maybe just the hardcore football fans who had nothing else better to do!…) and waited to see what the final decision would be: Let Brett Favre come back and continue his 17th year in the league or go with Rodgers, who had been Favre’s understudy for some time. The latter choice has proven beneficial for the organization.

With the new season underway, the Packers are 2 and 0 (Note: The Win column is always first!) and really don’t show signs of slowing down…

I guess that’s the dry knot that’s sitting in the back of my throat (Wait for it. Wait for it… I am drinking something for the dry knot.). (Okay, I’m back.) Change can be a good thing or a scary thing. Either way, none of us tend to like it very much. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of it… Why change how I line up stuff in the refrigerator or how I sometimes throw my clothes onto the bench and leave them there (until Hubby raises that eyebrow just so… heehee!)? But, then it hits you that change is imminent-and-not so bad if you accept that it will always be there.

Acceptance is key… The Packers accepted that it was time to utilize Rodgers. I’ve accepted that clothes aren’t attractive hanging over the bench in my bedroom. That’s 2 and 0 (Remember the columns.). Got something to add to widen the margin?

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