While watching Michael Phelps continue to make Olympic history, I heard a story about him that made me say ‘hmmm’…

In the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Phelps beat out his, then, rival Ian Crocker in the 400 meter medley (a.k.a. they switch swimming styles of each leg). As a rival and teammate, Phelps chose to forfeit his spot in the finals (Yes, the finals is where he would’ve picked up his gold!) for Crocker so he would have a chance to redeem himself. And guess what? Crocker brought home the gold… (Mike is something else, huh?… I may have had to think on that a bit more. LOL!).

I brought this scenario closer to home as I thought on times when I was in a position to be selfless. Sometimes it just isn’t that easy… You know, the type of selflessness that really costs you something. Well, I thought about Hubby and how someone once told me to wake up every day asking myself how I can put him first (You know, above my own selfish tendencies…)… Wait!… (I am actually cracking myself up because, Honey, some days are better than others. LOL!).

Anyway, sometimes you can find an opportunity within your relationship to give up your goals-big or small-for the one you love most. It’s a priceless feeling that builds as you await the next opportunity.

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