So, Hubby and I were actually talking about Tiger Woods and his crazy performance this past Monday… (wait, go back…). It’s presumed that he went out to the course and played on a broken leg (crazy, huh?) and so the sports analysts this week have gone back and forth about the depth of his passion.

Back to Hubby and I… we were discussing this and I was wondering just how smart it was for Tiger to attempt such a feat with the possibility of causing more damage. Hubby understood my point, but added that this show of courage and passion just added to the mystique of Tiger Woods.

Do you think his wife knew the extent of his injury?… Possibly. Or, he may of just passed the injury off as something small and she totally believed that to be true.

Has there ever been a time when your significant other didn’t explain the entire situation and you ended up saying, “You didn’t tell me all that!… ‘cause if you had, I would have said…”?

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