The rivalry is palpable and there’s no denying the intense history between the two dynasties. The LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics are in the NBA Playoffs, starting tonight, and the feeling is in the air. Seriously, as you’re watching the game you see history peeping through the crowd. That’s where my words find their meaning-in the history.

Celtics LogoLos Angleles Lakers

The history I speak of is that of the likes of Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, and please give an ovation for Bill Russell. The athletes are why Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garrett are able to be who they are today (Okay, let’s not ever be remised to leave Michael Jordan out of the dialogue of greatness.).

These historians of the grace and discipline of basketball are beyond compare. Words just aren’t there to describe the talent and confidence and champion that every one of these guys possess.

Today these historians sit and watch the young ones play and achieve and compete. Today I sit and watch the reasons (Magic, Kareem, Larry, Bill) why they are, indeed, able to play and achieve and compete.

Who do you offer respect and thanks to for paving the way for you?

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