Derek Fisher is some guy, huh? And his role on the court, which requires commitment, continues to be a testament to him as a complete man.

A very hearty phrase if you think about it. A person coming up the court with the ball eventually meeting up with a potentially equal opponent that shares the same position… In this case, guard. Now, while this guard is ‘pushing’ the ball so eloquently up the court there is a decision that has to be made. Shoot or pass? Each decision carries game-winning (or -losing) consequences. As the opponent is ‘posting’ (it means seriously in my personal space) up in an attempt to get the ball or at least make the handler miss, the handler has to think quickly and soundly.

The ‘You Can’t Guard Me’ phrase is a basketball staple! It basically gives the strong message that you won’t win in this one-on-one situation. Beyond that, it says that if you try to guard me, you will get your feelings hurt (I am laughing hysterically at this explanation). This is the mental conversation that happens all throughout the game. It’s actually quite entertaining if you ask me. Note to self: Be sure to watch Fisher on the court… He says like three words the whole game, which doesn’t totally support the whole trash-talking part of the story, but he’s a guard none the less.

Take this with you… a guard is like the coach on the court and with that; a ballooned ego is an ill-advised ego. This advanced thinker of the game has to be all of these things, too:

Ball handler extraordinaire A true defender
Dribbler with both hands Quick with tricky feet
Able to pass Able to get that outside shot when left open
Able to get to the basket, then dish it out Able to read opponents

So now you can confront your various situations with the unmitigated proclamation, You Can’t Guard Me!

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