The phrase is all too familiar. You jump into your snugly position on the couch, smiling expectantly about the news of the day that is just waiting to pounce off your lips. You glance at the television, curious at best, wondering what is competing with you for your significant other’s attention. Realizing it’s the seasonal disruption-sports-you begin listing off all the happenings from your day. Then, there’s the dreadful silence. It comes after you’ve asked if your question was heard…

“Wait ‘tila commercial”

…The customary, yet horrifying reply starts you on your way. And, as you walk into the other room-slightly disgruntled of your untimely and suggestive dismissal-you ponder on how you’d love to understand the fascination.

We all know someone who wants to understand sports or maybe that someone is you. This site caters to the everyday woman desiring an avenue to understanding sports. This newfound knowledge can bridge the immeasurable gap between quality time and the love of the game.

Look forward to snapshots into professional athletes’ ups and downs of life and find yourself in their stories. With compelling and informative stories, along with various insights on the game, you’re sure to appreciate the fascination and total love of the game.

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